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  1. popularity: 10 Bradley S19-319S4 Stainless Steel Flow Switch, 1 1/4" NPT Product Code: #C1970863
    Special Price $1,498.00 List Price $2,140.00
  2. popularity: 0 Speakman G20-1722 1-1/2" Buried Supply Hydrant Product Code: #C2610796
    Special Price $1,060.15 List Price $1,631.00
  3. popularity: 50 Bradley S65-305 Center Section Kit S19-2200 Product Code: #C1969670
    Special Price $1,169.45 List Price $1,426.16
  4. popularity: 10 Bradley S19-319S2 Stainless Steel Flow Switch, 1/2" NPT Product Code: #C1970862
    Special Price $1,498.00 List Price $2,140.00
  5. popularity: 97 Haws 8300-8309 AXION MSR Combination Eyewash Station & Drench Shower Product Code: #C1977965
    Special Price $1,007.81 List Price $1,229.04
  6. popularity: Haws Outgoing Freight Charge Product Code: #C2610738
  7. popularity: 25 Haws 9084 Cleansing Stick Product Code: #C2672496
    Special Price $1,140.27 List Price $1,390.57
  8. popularity: 25 Guardian AP280-100 Product Code: #C2610597
    Special Price $1,104.33 List Price $1,577.62
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Eyewash Direct is your #1 source for eyewash and safety shower repair parts from all the major manufacturers, including Bradley, Haws, Speakman, and Guardian. Employee safety is an important responsibility, and the correct eyewash and drench shower equipment is a crucial element in protecting an employee who has been exposed to hazardous materials and chemicals. Exposure to harmful chemicals is so serious that ANSI Standard Z358.1 was established in the early 1980s to ensure universal minimum performance and use requirements as well as uniform placement, testing, training, and maintenance of all safety shower and eye/face wash equipment used nationally. While ANSI Z358.1 is comprehensive, employees’ access to the first aid treatment that eyewash stations and safety showers provide is more complex than simply having the right safety equipment in place. In fact, facility managers and safety managers commonly cite ongoing maintenance as the biggest challenge related to their safety equipment. Inoperable shower heads, cracked eyewash bowls, stuck-in-place dust covers, leaking tank gaskets, missing eye/facewash handles, and old eyewash preservative can all leave a safety shower or eyewash station ineffective. While weekly testing can be easily overlooked or forgotten, testing and maintenance are the only ways to ensure that safety stations are working as required and available to employees in an emergency. At Eyewash Direct, we know that each repair part our customers need means that a drench shower or eye/facewash station is possibly less effective than it could be. That’s why we offer a full line of eyewash repair parts from all the major eyewash station manufacturers, including Speakman, Guardian, Bradley, and Haws. Whether it’s emergency eyewash test gauges, eyewash and shower inspection tags, a freeze protection valve, replacement spray head assembly, eyewash bowl, eyewash dust covers, filters, emergency eyewash handles, foot pedals, or new eyewash preservative, Eyewash Direct has what you need to restore your eyewash stations and drench showers so that they comply with ANSI Standard Z358.1 once again. And if you need help finding the right repair part, call Mike the Eyewash Expert for the technical assistance you can expect from Eyewash Direct.