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Bradley’s SpinTec™ Drench Showerhead

Bradley’s SpinTec™ Showerhead is changing the landscape of effective skin flushing in an emergency. Since it’s launch, the new SpinTec™ Showerhead has set the new performance standard in the Emergency Eyewash and Drench Shower marketplace.

The new emergency showerhead features a footprint that is a fraction of the size of the standard 10” heads used by other manufacturers. Years of feedback from the field led Bradley Corporation to rethink the size of the showerhead, discovering that in many manufacturing facilities and industrial workplaces, emergency drench shower heads often fall victim to forklifts, vehicles, and other mechanical equipment. The smaller footprint of the SpinTec™ showerhead results in less accidental damage that can jeopardize your facility's compliance.

Bradley's engineers have created a showerhead that saves space, but still provides an adequate spray pattern that meets ANSI’s Z358.1-2014 minimum performance requirements. By incorporating the latest technology in fluid dynamics, Bradley’s SpinTec™ showerhead also provides the most consistent water distribution of any drench shower on the market. There are several additional features built into the new SpinTec™ showerhead that dramatically improve its washdown performance.

These features include:

  • Contoured shape focuses water for faster washdown.
  • The spinning motion of water creates an optimal spray pattern.
  • Integral flow-contro

- provides a minimum of 20 GPM
- helps save up to 66% in water consumption compared to other units and can help reduce “dip in flow” problems on Combination Eyewash Station and Drench Shower units
- simplifies valve sizing to help meet ANSI’s tepid water requirements

  • Softer, higher velocity spray improves contaminant removal.
  • The self-draining design removes water in the dead leg of the pipe and helps eliminate bacterial growth due to stagnant water.

Due to unique customer requirements, the SpinTec™ showerhead is available in many options. Please note that all Bradley Drench Showers and Combination Eyewash Drench Shower units now ship with the new SpinTec™ showerhead.

Standard Model.
Constructed out of ABS plastic and is highly corrosion resistant. This is the primary platform for all of the showerheads.

SpinTec™ Shower Head with Stainless Steel Shroud.
This is the most common Stainless Steel option and combines the SpinTec™ insert with a traditional looking stainless steel shroud.

SpinTec™ High-Performance Stainless Steel.
The best option for highly corrosive work areas, abusive environments, clean rooms, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Recessed/Flush Mounted SpinTec™ Shower Head.
Combines the SpinTec™ showerhead with a traditional laboratory style recessed mounting shroud.

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