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Portable Eyewash

Portable Self Contained Eyewash Stations 

Portable Eyewash Stations offer the flexibility needed when hazard locations and workspaces change.

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Benefits of a Portable Eyewash Station (Self Contained Eyewash Stations) 

1. No Plumbing Required

One of the biggest benefits of portable eyewash station is that absolutely no plumbing is needed. Depending on what brand and model you choose, two of the most popular portable eyewash options include gravity-fed units (often constructed of durable plastic), or pressurized portable eyewash tanks. Gravity-fed portable eyewash stations are filled with clean tap water and require added eyewash preservatives. Haws 9082 eyewash preservative keeps water clean for up to 90 days and helps to protect against the growth of bacteria, fungus, algae, acanthamoeba and other impurities that can form in portable eyewash units. Pressurized portable eyewash tanks feature easy to transport stainless steel construction and are also filled with clean water and bacteriostatic additives. Once the units are filled, they are pressurized to a specific PSI air pressure. Depending on your make or model, portable eyewash tanks should be inspected regularly and water should be changed as noted.

2. Easy Activation

Although the majority of your portable eyewash stations lifespan will be sitting by idle, when an emergency occurs, gravity-fed stations have to be ready to operate at a moments notice. These units feature easy, pull-down activation arms to deliver an instant 15-minute flush for the user. Here are some specifications for our most people gravity-fed eyewash units:

Bradley S19-921:
Flushes eyes for 15 minutes at a minimum of 0.4 gallon/minute by only using 7 gallons of water

Haws 7501:
Flushes eyes for 15 minutes with a 0.4 gpm flow rate by using 9 gallons of water

Guardian 1540:
Delivers 0.7 gallons per minute for 15 minutes through a 16 gallon high density water tank

Pressurized portable eye wash stations provide emergency protection through stainless steel push handles to deliver immediate eyewash and/or drench hose activation depending on your unit. These units are easy to activate and a great option in terms of mobility.

3. Made for Remote Locations

Gravity fed eyewash units and portable pressurized eyewash tanks help to supplement for permanent eyewash fixture installations when these units are not readily available. These units are specially designed for areas where the eyes of any person maybe be exposed to injurious or corrosive materials and hazardous chemicals. Bottom line, these units allow for safe eye flushing in many industries where eye injuries can occur.

4. Stay Compliant

OSHA requires specific eyewash standards in a number of industries. EyewashDirect.com features portable eyewash stations (both gravity fed and through pressurizes portable tanks) to fully comply with the American National Standard Z358.1-2009. Meeting the ANSI requirements not only means your facility will have an overall safer environment, but you’ll be fully complaint in terms of eyewash as well. Find SEI certified and FDA approved portable eyewash products as well.

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