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Bradley Halo Eyewash & Eye/Face Wash Stations

Ever since the Bradley Eyewash Company launched their new Halo™ Eye Wash and Eye/Face Wash platform, the product has been generating a steady stream of buzz within the industry. Bradley's new Eye Wash Stations improve upon one of the most respected Eyewash product lines in the marketplace. Best known for their painted yellow pipes, SpinTec™ Shower Heads, and broad safety product offering, Bradley appears to have hit a home run with their new Halo product portfolio.

The most impressive component of Bradley’s new Halo Eyewash system is the Eye/Face Wash spray head. The performance of this sprayhead is outstanding and provides 85% facial coverage; that’s a 20% increase compared to other Eye Face Wash units. Drainage is not an issue since the excess water is captured in an oversized bowl and travels down a dedicated waste line. Bradley’s industry-leading Halo Eyewash sprayheads also provide an abundance of flushing fluid. Water flows from the units from back to front, breaking the norm of “outside/in” flushing that is common among many other Eyewash manufacturers. Aided by an integral flow control, the spray pattern was also gentle enough to encourage injured workers to continue flushing for the full 15 minutes.

1. Dedicated Supply and Waste Lines
Separate water supply and waste pipes completely eliminate any chance of waste water entering the supply stream. The hollowed out area at the base of the unit will also give inspectors a quick visual confirmation of this feature.

2. Optional Translucent Dust Cover
This clear design facilitates visual inspections while keeping contaminates out of the eyewash bowl. Water begins to flow instantaneously when a user opens the dust cover, providing instant relief and protection.

3. Ergonomic Push Handle
Unlike most stations, the activation paddle is located at the rear of the unit. This accommodates left AND right-hand users while also adding the protection of a retro-fit dust cover.

4. Self-Draining Design
The Aquaduct™ is the only self-draining design standard for Eyewash and Eye Face Wash products. The Aquaduct drains excess water out of the sprayheads, further reducing the risk of bacteria and contaminate build-up.

Integral Strainer Standard on all units, the integral strainer reduces sediment and debris that could enter the eyes when flushing. It also helps prevent clogging within the Eyewash sprayheads.

5. Hinged Dust Caps
Bradley dramatically improved their tethered dust cap design with new hinged dust caps. The dust caps offer a secure hold while keeping dust and debris out of the sprayheads.

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