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Bottled Eyewash

Bottled Eyewash & Personal Eye Wash Stations

Bottled Eyewash provides an immediate supplement that assists injured workers before reaching an eyewash station.


Shop EyewashDirect.com for the industry's top selling manufacturers of Personal Eye Wash Stations and Personal Eye Wash Bottle products. We carry the best selection of eye wash safety equipment because eyewash is all we do – with over 1,000 ANSI compliant eyewash products, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in everything eyewash related. Equipping your application with a high quality emergency eyewash bottle station is an inexpensive way to respond to eye accidents. One of the biggest benefits to this type of eye washing is that maintenance is easy – simply replace the personal eye wash bottle as they become used or outdated. It's important to note that personal bottle eyewash stations are not meant to replace the primary 15 minute eyewash equipment needed to comply with ANSI Z358.1-2009. However, bottle eyewash is a great first line of defense for keeping workers safe. OSHA requires an eye flush to be available within a 10 second walk from chemicals and other injurious materials. EyewashDirect.com has everything you need to replace, refill and stock up on personal eye wash bottles.